Contract manufacturing

Customize your garments:

We engage in contract manufacturing and custom label service.
We manufacture for third parties by offering a private label service following the production process and providing our customers with our 30 years of experience.

We are manufacturers, which means we offer the know-how of our group, to design, produce and distribute the best possible product.
Our production chain begins with the ideation phase and the selection of the most suitable fabric for the garment, together with our designers and pattern makers, in line with the creative needs of the customer.

This phase is followed by the realization phase, in which ideas take shape to create the first pattern of the garment. Subsequently, if the pattern is satisfactory, we proceed to mass production of the product, with state-of-the-art machinery, and conclude with its distribution: fast and accurate.

The production, and custom label service, is designed for customers who have a business, entrepreneurs, young designers who wish to promote their brand.
We give space to your creativity. We bring your ideas to life.

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