Terms and conditions:


Registration is reserved for B2B customers, DEALERS OR RESELLERS in the apparel industry, with a VALID VAT number.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation email from our team.

The minimum order amount is € 300.00 (three hundred euros), excluding VAT.


  1. Click on the “ACCOUNT” section located in the top right corner. If you are already a customer, click “CONNECT” and enter your credentials, otherwise click “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” to register.
  2. Choose the products of your liking. When finished, click “CART” and proceed to “SHOPPING CART” to check out.
  3. JUST FASHION’s staff will check the availability of the selected products, which will be communicated to the customer via Whatsapp. In case some selected products are missing, you can add or change your order via Whatsapp or video call.
  4. Once the order is confirmed, proceed to payment, via bank transfer or credit/debit card.

Shipping to Italy- The cost of shipping is € 20.00 (twenty euros), excluding VAT, by courier BRT ITALY or UPS.

Shipping to Europe -The cost of shipping is € 35.00 (thirty-five euros), excluding VAT, with courier UPS EUROPE or BRT EUROPE.

IMPORTANT: We remind our kind customers that during the promotion period, the availability of the items in our warehouse cannot be guaranteed.
We invite our kind customers to wait for the feedback of the order, before making the payment. Discounts will be applied only on the established dates without exception.


We accept credit/debit cards belonging to the Visa, Visa Electron, American Express or MasterCard circuits. Security is extremely important to us, so we want your information to be encrypted and secure.

We take into consideration the risk of possible hacker attacks and possible fraud, so all credit and debit card payments are both subject to validation by authorization from your credit institution. Payments will be processed by the Nexi XPay and Stripe platforms, which always ensure that online transactions are as secure as possible. The systems offer the following levels of security:

  • – Both are PCI-DSS compliant.
  • – Both provide an advanced system for real-time fraud prevention.
  • – Both solutions use SSL-TLS cryptographic protocols, 3D Secure procedure and CVV2 security codes.

As an additional payment method we accept bank transfer, with this payment method the order will be shipped only after the transfer is credited by our banking institution.

IMPORTANT: When the customer makes payment by credit/debit card, it does not arrive directly into JUST’s coffers, but remains pending accounting. JUST will have 5 business days to account for the amount; after the 5 days have expired, the amount will be automatically credited back to the customer if JUST has planned not to account for it.

Within 5 working days after payment, JUST will contact the customer, informing of any partial or total shortages of the goods.

If there are any differences with respect to the order placed by the customer, JUST will proceed to account only for the amount of goods available. The difference will be automatically credited back to the customer’s card.


Order processing times vary from 1 to 3 business days


courier must be notified by the customer before the order is closed. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. The customer may choose the offer proposed on our site, or may avail themselves of the choice of their own forwarding agent.

EU – European Union:

The courier company must be communicated by the customer before the order is closed. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. The customer may choose the offer proposed on our site, or may avail themselves of the choice of their own forwarding agent.

For other countries outside the EU, the courier must be specified by the customer before closing and sending the invoice. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. The customer will be able to choose the best offer for himself and his company by evaluating the best logistics proposals on the market.

Please also provide via our email or by phone all data related to your transport.

Italy: 2-3 working days
Europe: 6-12 working days

We remind our kind customers, the courier must be indicated before the closing of the invoice for the order, otherwise JUST will ship with mode destination pay service through its reference courier for Europe: Albini&Pitigliani.
With the choice destination pay service, JUST will not be responsible for any shipping costs that may be applied by the courier service indicated above.


It is JUST’s return policy that items to be returned are carefully examined before the return request is submitted to customer service. It is possible to return a defective garment no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of ‘order, beyond this date JUST will not be responsible for damage to the goods.

JUST reserves the right to accept or reject defective merchandise based on actual condition. Items without identification tags and products that have undergone washing will not be accepted.

JUST does not exchange merchandise for wrong purchase, color or size changes by the customer.

Shipping costs for the return of defective merchandise are the responsibility of the customer.

JUST will exchange the returned merchandise for merchandise of the same amount, or give a credit on subsequent orders. Under no circumstances will JUST pecuniarily refund the amount of defective merchandise.